-whole cake

8" size serves up to 14 (8" cake comes in a box sized 23cm long x 23cm wide x 10.2cm high)



Baked CheeseCake

Ingredient : Philadelphia cream cheese, butter, whole egg,
white chocolate, castor sugar, crushed biscuits, cinnamon, salt


Blueberry CheeseCake

Ingredient: Philadelphia cream cheese, butter, blueberries,

whole egg, white chocolate, crushed biscuits, cinnamon, salt


Ferrero Rocher Cake

Ingredient: Almond meal, whole egg, hazelnut, castor suger, dark chocolate, chocolate glaze, chocolate crispe, biscuit flakes


Almond Raspberry Cake(GF)

Ingredient: Almond meal, whole egg, white chocolate, castor sugar, cream, raspberries, strawberry, vanilla bean


Chocolate Cake(GF, Vegan)

Ingredients: Almond meal, cocoa powder, baking powder, sugar, 

salt, esspresso, water, vegetable oil, dark chocolate, strawberry jam



Note: ***Please allow 2-3 working days when ordering a whole   

                 cake to offer the best quality***

            ***Only limited flavours(sliced cake) available each day.

                 We'll contact you to comfirm your order after checkout***